• Total production area: 30.000 m2
• Covered area: 16.000 m2
• Annual production: 15.000 tons
• Employees: 160

• Total production area: 33.000 m2
• Covered area: 9.000 m2
• Annual production: 12.000 tons
• Employees: 70

Risale Trafilerie Emiliane S.p.A., later transformed into Profilati S.p.A., was founded in 1977 in Fossatone di Medicina, near Bologna, it was the first company of The Profilati Group to be set up.

In a short time, thanks to a strategic investment policy and a strong, constant drive towards technological innovation, the company established itself as a leader in the aluminium extrusion sector in Italy.

In 1990, as the result of a continuing industrial demand, the second company of The Group, Trafilerie Emiliane Sud S.p.A., was created in Basciano, in the province of Teramo. This new company was able to become immediately a landmark in excellence in the field of extrusion, building on and benefiting from the know-how of Profilati and its advanced production systems.

Today, the Profilati Group is considered a European benchmark for extrusion and the working of aluminium, having at its disposal exceptional techological know-how and production systems that are among the most sophisticated and modern in the sector.