Supply characteristis

Alloys: EN AW-6060, EN AW-6005/A, EN AW-6082
Standard lenght: 6500 mm
Applicable standards: UNI EN 573 on mechanical properties of aluminium alloys, UNI EN 755 on geometrical tolerances
Temper designation: T5 or T6 as per UNI EN 573

The Profilati Group offers extruded aluminium profiles tailored to the Customer's own requirements as well as a vast number of standard profiles which are listed in an easy-to-consult technical catalogue.
There are more than 1000 shapes of various types from which you can choose and find the solution best suited to your needs:

 round tubes
 round bars
 square and rectangular tubes
 square and rectangular bars
 hexagonal tubes
 L-shaped profiles
 U, T and H-shaped profiles
 profiles for shutters, rolling shutters and staves
 profiles for doors and windows
 profiles for sunbreakers
 profiles for balconies and handrails
 profiles for the sides of lorries
 profiles for heat sinks
 structural profiles

The Profilati Group can, on request, also complete the offer with anodizing and painting cost or other surface treatment and also some machining processes.