The Profilati Group has 3 of the most innovative, modern and sophisticated extrusion plants in the sector.

In the constant research for new technology, in 2007, a unique system was installed in the company of Medicina. a completely automated system that is able to manage the entire production cycle, from the extrusion to the thermal treatment and all the phases, to and including, the packaging of the finished product.

Aluminium alloys used

EN AW-6060 [Al MgSi]
EN AW-6063 [Al Mg0,7Si]
EN AW-6005A [Al SiMg]
EN AW-6082 [Al Si1MgMn]
EN AW-3003 [Al Mn1Cu]

Extrusion plant char.
Press 1100 t
Press 2200 t
Press 2350 t
Production company Innocenti-Baldwin Innse Extral
Installation plant Medicina Basciano Medicina
Year of installation 1988 1992 2007
Maximum lenght 7100 mm 7200 mm 7100 mm